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Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) for Penis Widening and Penile Widening Surgery by Penis Enlargement Surgeon E. Douglas Whitehead, M.D.
Dr. Whitehead uses Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) exclusively in all his penis widening surgery patients for penile enlargement.  Click here for more on Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) and penile widening surgery.
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    My fee for penis widening surgery is higher than other surgeons because I use Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm ®) which are costly. I strongly believe that the increased safety, virtual absence of complications, elimination of the need for "touch up" or revisionary surgery, and high patient satisfaction rate outweigh the increased cost.

    Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) have been used extensively for trauma patients since 1992 and for elective surgery since 1994. No case of disease transmission has ever been reported.

    Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) are processed from human tissue recovered exclusively within the United States. The tissue banks comply with both the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) guidelines. These tissue banks rigorously screen all tissue donors, including their medical and social histories. In addition, blood samples from each tissue donor are tested and must be negative for viruses, including HIV (AIDS) hepatitis, and bacteria, including syphilis, that could be transmitted to the graft recipients. During the processing of Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®), the cellular components that would be necessary for viral transmission and survival are removed. In addition, Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) are screened to confirm the absence of bacterial contamination. Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) also undergo microscopic and other analytical testing to promote the uniform quality of processing.

    When an Allograft dermal matrix graft is implanted into a patient, the patients cells repopulate the graft, blood vessels grow into the graft, and the graft becomes part of the patients own tissue. This process generally takes several weeks to several months. An Allograft dermal matrix graft implanted below the skin may feel firm for the first 2-3 months, then it will soften until it can no longer be felt by the patient. This will indicate that the normal healing process is complete.

    The advantages of Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) over autograft dermal fat or autograft dermal grafts for penile girth enhancement are: it eliminates the need for incisions and scars at the donor sites "because there are none", and resulting pain and possible infection; and it significantly reduces the length of surgery.

    Dr. Whitehead has used Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) exclusively in all of his patients for the last 3 years because of his superior results and his belief that the results are significantly better than that obtainable by fat injection or autograft dermal fat graft or autograft dermal graft enhancement techniques.

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